Why Process Share?

Fast Adoption

Start exchanging transactions without data standardization

One Platform

Connect with partners of any size irrespective of their technical ability

Any Process

Digitize any aspect of B2B data exchange and collaboration


Deployed over top cloud platforms with best in-class security practices

Light to Maintain

Can be easily managed and does not require high value resources

Agile to Scale

Quickly define new processes or onboard new partners on-demand

Seamless B2B integration without data standardization

Different supply chain partners use different item codes, attribute values or even units of measures affecting the compliance of the exchanged data and transactions.

With Process Share, avoid grueling data standardization challenges and reduce integration time by up to 90% with any trading partner.

For trading partners of every size and technical ability

When it comes to end-to-end process digitalization, companies need to integrate with trading partners who are still using aging or no applications.

Process Share can be easily adapted to fit the technical ability of every partner, allowing companies to connect to a larger spectrum of supply chain players.

Interactive data-driven collaboration for optimal performance

Greater supply chain performance cannot be achieved through transactions exchange only.

Process Share provides trade partners with automated B2B process manageability, improved external visibility and data-driven collaboration experience to enable organizations to operate at optimal levels.

Agile by design, simple to manage, and easy to scale

B2B integration initiatives are notorious for being costly, time consuming and overwhelming, which is obstructing the bulk digitalization of B2B operations.

With Process Share, B2B integration can be configured or re-adapted in record-low time and require minimum efforts from high-value resources.

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