Digital Order Collaboration

for fast and flawless orders

When B2B data exchange during order planning and execution is conducted through phone calls, emails and manual data entry, speed and accuracy are compromised and expenses upsurge

Process Share delivers fast, flawless and end-to-end automated order planning and execution processes between trading partners


Reduced human intervention and lower per-transaction overhead cost

Decline in data entry mistakes and operational frictions with trade partners

Faster response time, accelerated business cycles and improved scalability

For buyers

  •  Faster order planning through live access to suppliers prices, availability and lead time
  •  Higher order accuracy through validation of planned orders against up-to-date suppliers data
  •  Reduction in data entry work and errors through electronic exchange of orders, revisions and confirmations
  •  Seamless order execution through receiving of shipment notices and submittal of stock receipts

For vendors

  •  Improved orders accuracy through automatic catalog diffusion and customer side order validation
  •  Higher service levels through effortless and real-time sharing of availability and allocations with customers
  •  Increased sales efficiency through automatic receiving and instant validation of customers’ orders
  •  Seamless order execution through the electronic exchange of shipment notices and stock receipts with customers

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